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Chinese companies "are not standing still," Anjani Trivedi, a columnist with Bloomberg, written in the article published by Bloomberg on Saturday. The U. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted to advance a plan to ban surveillance equipment from Chinese firms on the basis of so-called national security.

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The attempt to eliminate the existing equipment and electronic cameras btc comunità U. In addition, the report continued, "over the past few years, various U.

Rather than waiting around for narrow paths of overseas revenue to open up, these firms have simply moved on. HONG KONG, June 27 Xinhua -- Btc comunità opening ceremony of a lunar soil exhibition in Hong Kong on Btc comunità wrapped up the trip of mainland top space scientists in the financial hub, during which they visited universities and schools, igniting young people's flying dreams. At the end of his speech, Hu said each generation has its own dream and he encouraged students to realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation and make contributions to the country.

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Cheng, in his first year of junior high school, was moved by Hu's remarks. Although he has yet to decide what to do in the future, he said space research was definitely in his consideration. Students from Pui Kiu College, a primary and secondary school in Hong Kong, were overjoyed to learn that space scientists were to visit them. They showed their enthusiasm towards aerospace in different forms, painting, observing the moon with a telescope, searching for information btc comunità rocket propulsions.

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Eleven-year-old Cynthia Chiang was one of them. Chiang has always been fascinated by the btc comunità and recently read again her favorite book about China's manned space flight. We started late, but we make progress quickly," she said with pride. National aerospace scientists and astronauts have made multiple visits to Hong Kong sincethe btc comunità when China's first astronaut Yang Liwei flew into space aboard the Btc comunità spacecraft.

Yang has become a hero to many young aerospace mania in Hong Kong, including Alam Tam, who was not even btc comunità when Shenzhou-5 was launched. The year-old was thrilled seeing the scene on TV when Shenzhou lifted off.

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Established inthe Hong Kong Aerospace Society holds lectures, competitions, training, and exchange activities all the year round, inspiring thousands btc comunità young people who love aviation and aerospace.

Now, several of their members have obtained pilot licenses, some participated in the national moon project, and some studied aerospace in the university. More than 2, teams from over 1, enterprises across the country have taken part in the competition, with advancing to the final. They will be scored on the TRIZ-based methodology — from the Russian acronym for Theory btc comunità Inventive Problem Solving, an international system for guiding the creative process — they use in their research and development and other applications.

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The finalists will demonstrate their projects and be tested on their theoretical understanding, with the top 10 then competing on television in a similar fashion for the first, second and third prizes. The event is being organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology bitcoin ucraina Hunan's provincial government.

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He said the event is also an important embodiment of a guideline issued 11 years ago by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and the association aimed at promoting methodical innovation.

Guo said this year's competition btc comunità received more applications from btc comunità wider range of sectors and would have a greater social influence through its televised final.

The number of finalists is up from last year and Guo said the organizers has also formulated a more scientific and regulated competition agenda.

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However, he said, only a fifth of the teams participating in the competition came from the country's small and medium-sized enterprises, which played a key role btc comunità innovation and development. The organizers now plan to improve the competition's content and quality, mobilize more social resources and conduct in-depth research and field trips to learn what SMEs want and need from the competition so they can be given more support.


As a tour guide at the National Museum of China, Yuan Shuo has become popular since he started providing knowledge about the exhibits in his own style, under the online name "Hesenbao". Yuan has more than 3.

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Yuan, who is responsible for telling museum visitors about the political, economic, cultural, military, diplomatic and scientific aspects of ancient China, says he wants to communicate a "real feeling of that history", which is why he wants to explain things, including cultural elements, in a scientific way. For example, while explaining the custom among some ethnic groups during the Southern and Northern Dynastieswhere a woman usually married her husband's brother if her husband died, Yuan says he uses more contextual references than putting one cultural view against the other, or the common argument of the "lack of morality".

As btc comunità result, any healthy woman who could give birth was viewed as precious to a family.

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Therefore, the custom was developed to carry on the family line," Yuan says. People can do research to find out the impact of zinc on human embryo and either prove or disprove this explanation. He says he believes that experience influenced his opinion of history and he does not like btc comunità and empty explanations of cultural phenomenons" as well, and would rather use reason for any explanation.

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